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Kathryn Alexander has consulted in leadership development, organizational change and related processes since 1988. Kathryn combines strategic thinking with political implementation skills to bring significant change with minimal resistance. “Introducing the concepts of quality management with the primary objective of improved customer service to a large and diverse organization such as ours (and getting us to understand) is no small task.....thanks for the help. It was a very good experience.” Don Munakata, Chief, Bureau of Engineering San Francisco Department of Public Works The Director of the San Francisco Public Works Department was named runner up to the top ten Public Works Directors in the country for most improved customer service at the conclusion of her work with them. Kathryn has a BS in Business Administration, and MA in Organizational Development and Transformation, and currently adjunct faculty teaching Strategic Leadership, Team Building and Process Improvement at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, Her ability to think strategically has been utilized by such organizations as: Department of Public Works, City and County of San Francisco (Strategic Plan for the implementation of Customer Focused Service); Eagle County Assessors Office (Team Building); Young Offenders Parole Board (Strategic plan development using Future Search Technology); Urban Land Institute (Development of yearly strategic direction); AT&T (Benchmarking Research and Question Set Development for Process Improvement); University of California at Berkeley (Strategic Planning for Reengineering Implementation); and Mervyn’s Department Stores (Strategic Planning for Total Quality Implementation).

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